Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mistakes have been made.

OK. I need some opinions here. I have made YET another mistake on Marmalade. But this is just a color issue, versus the other THREE mistakes that absolutely needed to be ripped out. Those were mistakes with the shaping of the garment. This, is a color change mistake.

Here is the correct way it's supposed to go (this is the completed back of the sweater). Notice the Mango stripe, in between the Green Apple and Cornsilk stripe, 4th stripe down from the top:

Now, here is the right front. If you can see (first finished stripe from the top), I reversed the small block color and large block color (it's supposed to be small block pink lemonade, large block lemon lime.)

This is the first front. I am thinking that if I just make the same 'mistake' twice, it'll look fine.

Opinions? Note that I'll need to rip out about 3 hours of knitting to fix it.



OK, this is how bad I am: I would make the same mistake twice!! Then it's a design feature. I am all agog at your knitting skills!!!


okay, i can see this better now that your blog has described it more clearly than the email you sent me. if the stripes are going to match up on the sides and it will drive you crazy that they don't match, then you have to fix it. if you will be cool with the fact that they don't match, definitely knit on and make the same color change on the other side.


I think I'd leave it as is.


It's a design choice. Clearly your color skillz are superiour to the designers.