Thursday, July 13, 2006

My library (and additions to it!)

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my struggle with fertility. I'm confidant that I am now getting everything under control, and I'm positive I will be pregnant 'someday'. I, of course, hope it happens soon, but for now - will be happy making a ridiculously large knitted wardrobe for the little bean.

Onto the real topic of the post! As you all know, I've been knitting for a long while. And that is pretty obvious when looking at 2 things, my stash and my knitting library! Here is a picture of the bookshelf that I have devoted to knitting books only:

Looking at this picture, you can see first the arrangement I have for my ball winder and swift, (and that this room is also in need of serious wallpaper removal), also the little Terra Cotta soldier I picked up on my last trip to China. I still think that it is funny that I replaced his bow and arrow with a circular needle (tee hee). Anyway - I would guess that I have over 80 knitting books here - and not all are pictured, because they are strewn throughout the house.

Imagine my surprise when I got my Tribe gift in the mail - a knitting book I don't own! Here it is, sitting on my bookshelf:

Thank you Rachel! The only other Elizabeth Zimmerman book I have is Knitting Around, so I can't tell you how happy I was to get a copy of her Knitting Workshop. I'm so excited to try a bunch of the things in here - especially the Baby Surprise jacket - I love the one Stripy made (scroll down to May 11th)!

Now, when I look at all these books, I feel a need to tell you my favorites. I love having all the back issues to IK - I find myself paging through those when wanting to start a new project. I also like the SnB books when wanting to make something fun and funky! But, I refer VERY often to the different sock books I have - especially Socks, Socks, Socks, and Knitting on the Road. For lace - a Gathering of Lace is just a wonderful visual... and then, Knitting in the Old Way helps me a lot when I get a little crazy and want to design my own sweaters.

But this huge supply of books certainly doesn't mean I don't want more! I'm really coveting Inspired Cables Knits, and the Happy Hooker.... but can't justify the purchase just yet!



Always new books to covet:) They are so hard to throw away. Collecting them is a hobby in its self, imo.


I love that you have the past issues of IK as well (don't forget I still have one of yours, made copies and need to return it to you).


Forget to add - it looks so neat and tidy! :)


Hmmm, we should do a flash your knitting library thing. I have well over 300 books! Of course that's including magazines and old vintage magazines too. I love INspired Knits, it's a must have in my opinion. Plus she has a great range of sizes!


Wow you have a lot of books!!You must be able to find a pattern or technique for everything!!!