Sunday, July 02, 2006

Let's just say...

Hypothetically, of course, that while I was away in Chicago, both dogs got sick. Aaron was up all night with them, and by morning, he thought they were feeling better. But no. When our dog walker arrived at lunch time, the kitchen was covered in (for lack of a less disgusting word) dog 'mess' (use your imagination). So, she very kindly cleaned that all up.

Then left to walk her other dogs. She thought she should stop by and check on them one more time, and she let them out the door while she checked the house. In the three minutes that she left them alone - they ran through the electric fence - and were gone. She spent an HOUR looking for them, when finally someone called my phone (which is on their tags, thank god) saying that she had found them.

Um, did I mention that this day was also my dog walkers birthday?!

Do you think this little bag is a good enough thank you (along with a little extra $$$ in her pocket)

Well? It's cute, right? I'm on a sewing kick right now.... it's just too muggy to knit.



I think your dog walker is worth her weight in gold. The bag is lovely!! I hope the dogs are feeling better now!!!


The bag is very cute, I'm sure she'll love it. If there is any extra fabric, sew it into a tube (about 2-3 inches in diameter), put a drawstring on one end and a velcro handle on the other, and voila - a matching doggie 'pickup bag' bag - heh. I make them for my mom, she's a dog 'caretaker' herself.


Sounds like you have a great dog walker. I'm sure she'll love the bag, and everyone loves extra cash.

The pups look so cute in their bandanas.