Monday, August 15, 2005


That's all I can say! I had such a wonderful trip to Stitches Midwest. I got to meet my blog friend Chris in person (Hi Chris!) - which was awesome. I took amazing classes, and learned lots (it amazes me that I've been knitting for 20+ years and didn't know how to mattress stitch).

The people were great, the yarn buying was frequent, and the knitting was fun. I do have pictures to post, but I got home last night at 2 AM after a BIG flight delay due to thunderstorms here in Boston. And they lost my luggage. I think that fact that I am so not concerned about it is a great gauge of the amount of fun that I had! Only thing is that my new yarn (some from Black Water Abby and also some others...) in is the bag, along with my fun swatches from the class. I really want to show you all what I did - but it will have to wait.

I will admit, I caught the Clap while in IL. Check out Brooks Farm Yarn, and you'll understand why.



One of these years I am going to make it up there. But not next year, it falls on our 10th anniversary.

If you want to postpone a bit for the fair isle, I'm game, honestly I won't get to work much on it till I finish the afghan for my folks. How about pushing the date back to September 15?


So which yarn are you going to do it in? Enquiring minds want to know.


Sorry you got delayed. I tried to call your cell, no answer, so left a message for you. Thanks so much for making sure we connected, because I really feel like we "connected". I told my roomie that it was like I knew you for much longer than I had.