Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fun night

After a somewhat crappola day at work, I had a wonderful evening. First, I made a stop at Lush Beads to get some beads to put on the edging of my finished (except for the edging) Charlotte's Web. At the same time, I convinced the owner to teach me how to make a neat bracelet I've been dying to make. Pictures of all that later.

I then went over to Amanda's for dinner... and she got me started on the crochet edging (have I mentioned that I'm NOT. A. CROCHET. FAN.), and showed me this super funny toe sock she made:

amandas funny sock Posted by Hello

And then, after dinner, rode over on my motorcycle to see the Harlot in action! Here is my obligatory photo with Steph. She is just as funny in person as in the blog and the book! If you get to see her - make her tell you the 'Bacon Powder' story...

the harlot Posted by Hello

And Steph, I rode home safely, looking both ways, just like you told me.



c'mon, you left out the most important thing about the funny looking toe socks- that they're for wearing with flip flops! funny looking for a reason! -amanda