Wednesday, February 09, 2005

He packed the camera.

Aaron, in his super packing mode, has packed the digital camera. I'm at a loss. He claims he'll find it for me tonight, but really! Geez. I wanted to show pictures of my Fairisle progress so far, and also for my Mariah. Alas, that will have to wait for another day.

My knitting buddies at TWS (this is what I'm going to call The World in Stitches from now on. I'm sick of typing it out) wanted a full report of our knitting night on my blog. I usually refrain, because I wasn't sure they want me talking about them, but hey - they asked, and I'm posting!

First - we always have dinner together before we knit. Yesterday, we had Chinese food (which of course are accompanied by Chinese DRINKS). After we all had a stiff drink (Singapore Sling, Suffering Bastard, and Zombies) it made knitting rather interesting. As you know, we are supposed to be doing a KAL on the Son of A.R.A.N sweater. Laurie is leading us in this endeavor... and it isn't like she volunteered. We just kind of keep on asking her to tell us what to do, and she obliges. Anyway - last week we did the swatch of the filler stitch (moss stitch). This week, we were going to sit and figure out the main cable we wanted to use. Let me give you a sample of the conversation:

Laurie: Oh! Look at this one! (pages through a book)
Cece: I guess we should swatch in the round, huh?
Bonnie: I hate ripping out mohair. (Bonnie was ripping out the armpit of a beautiful sweater that has a pattern that 'sucks' [her own words]. She is doing the Son of A.R.A.N with us, but hasn't picked the yarn yet).
Cece: If we really have to do a swatch, can we make them into little Elwin sweaters?
Tarsha: *giggle* We may have to steek them... they'll be too big. (Tarsha has a mini-poodle, and she makes him these super cute sweaters. He weighs maybe 5 pounds)
Susan: Hey - Randi, what that you are making?
Randi: It's a Touch Me scarf... see?
Tarsha: See how much the Honeycomb stitch sucks? (showing a picture from an Aran book.)
Cece: Yeah you are right. But can't we just follow a pattern? (whining) Doing all this designing is haaaaaard. Hey, Randi, do you have the Scarf Style book?
Randi: Yeah - that is where this pattern is from! (Holding up the scarf she is working on. Randi gets the book)
Susan: Oh! Where is the Touch Me?! (Susan runs off the to store and comes back with 5 balls of Touch Me)
Cece: How many stitches should I cast on for this swatch?
*enter the teacher from the beginner class being held in the next room*
Teacher: You guys are kind of loud.
the room pauses.
Laurie: Who wants Chocolate Scotch mousse?
All (chanting) Mousse. Mousse. Mousse.

Needless to say, not much knitting gets done. It's kind of like herding cats. We have a blast. And maybe, just maybe, we'll have the Son of A.R.A.N sweater done for the winter of 2006.

And yes, I bought the Scarf Style book.


said... made us look way too organized and sedate. *whine* I wanna see your fair isle sweater. *whine*


Doesn't your cell phone have a camera!!!!


I guess I could take a picture with my cell phone... you are wicked smaht. I shall attempt that tonight.


You forgot to comment "Oh, look. There's a butterfly."