Thursday, November 18, 2004

I can Crochet!

My quilting class is basically a bunch of gals that started out quilting together at a beginners class - and never wanted the class to end. So - we made a deal with the teacher (Karen) and we meet about every other week at someone's house. That someone has been Laura. Starting with the next meeting, it'll be at my house - which I'm excited about! We don't have a plan for our next project, but our current one is making a Star Sampler quilt.

Anyway - I was a little burned out from quilting all weekend, so I still went to the class, but Laura showed me how to crochet. It was great - because Laura is left handed, and that seems to be my learning problem (I'm also left handed). Everyone else that has tried to teach me to crochet has been right handed, and I just couldn't figure it out. It was annoying. But now I get it, and am in the process of making the twisty scarf that Laura showed us - and I've been coveting ever since!

Below is a picture of Aaron in the Felted Vest. It looks great from the front, but from the back, you see a funny puckering... because it does this little 'flare'. I was thinking about cutting up the middle of the vest and then sewing a seam in - but that makes me nervous. We took a vote last night, and I'm just going to leave it as is. I still need to replace where the cotton is holding stitches with that beautiful Dark Cranberry... but that is it!