Sunday, September 12, 2004


Sometimes, I sit down and list out all of the projects that I have in process, and then I set a deadline to when I'd like to get them done. For instance, my mohair sweater, I set myself a 'deadline' for my birthday. Why? It isn't like I NEED to have it done by then. But, that helps me have a goal.

That tends to stress me out. I come home, and want to work on, let's say, the Super Cute Baby Sweater. But, that is for my niece's birthday, all of the way in November. I usually decide to put that aside, and work on the mohair sweater, for no other reason than the deadline.

I work (at my 'real' job) for many hours a week. I work on weekends. As a matter a fact, right now, on a Sunday morning, I am logged into a conference call for work. Why is it that I tend to turn my hobby into a job also? Isn't that sort of silly? But, I must admit, if I didn't give myself goal dates (or deadlines) to finish stuff, I would be jumping from project to project every day.

Wonder if I would ever get anything done?!

For knitting news this weekend, I watched Aaron coach his first soccer game of the season, and they won! That was fun! While I was watching the game, I got a lot done on the Very Harlot Poncho. I'll be ready to bind that off soon (such a quick and easy project), and start adding the lace border I've decided to do (instead of the fringe). But, I've spent MOST of my weekend working on a quilt I'm doing. I found out that the quilt I made my mother is ready at the machine quilters - so I want to get this one for us done so I can drop it off when I go to pick up my mother's on Tuesday.

Yep, that is another self imposed deadline. Aren't weekend for relaxing?